WELCOME February 2018 American Externship 
Somerset Family Medicine  
Hands-On Outpatient Externship/Observership 

For Carribean, FMG, IMG, Med.Stud., Pre-med students & others with special situations 
 Immediate availability

question e-mail  neil@drjaddou.com or call 1800-205-9891 
Family Medicine residency started to get very popular among FMGs due to high acceptance rate

Get started now for your 2018 ERAS application before the summer rush where we may get full
Breaking News 
2017 Match results: unusually high number of our former externs matched. Here is some of email received
From the bottom of my heart: Thank you 
"Hi Dr Jaddou, 
I just found out that I matched into family medicine residency. Thank you very much for all your help. I think your letter or recommendation ..........from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.
Hello Somerset:
Just wanted to share my good news. I have matched in neurology though dont know yet where.  I feel that your externship played a big role........:)                                          
I matched and will find out Friday where.  I feel that doing externship with your office was a tremendous asset to my ERAS application.  During my interview they kept referring to your LOR ....

Due to very high demand for our Externship/Observership, we are only taking those who are physically present in USA  we take all visa from all the countries. Apply when you come to America. If you apply and you are in your country, we will not consider you.

One word to describe my one month is
"Simply Amazing Exprerience"
Dr. Jaddou,
This application cycle was a million times better than last. Thanks in large part to you for giving me the opportunity to extern with you. I ended up with over 20 interview invitations, and in just about every one, my interviewers were extremely impressed with my externship with you. I don't know how my residency match would have gone without this amazing experience. I ended up matching to my #1 choice, University of Arkansas in Family Medicine.
Dr. Jaddou was  friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful................. 
Dr. Neil Jaddou, M.D., MSc. is a teaching faculty member for St. John Hospital medical students.  He has been accepting FMG/IMG and Carribean graduates for over 10 years.  Professor Jaddou holds a faculty appointment with Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine and former professor at Wayne State University Medical School. He is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.  He is also part of the medical staff at these hospitals: William Beaumont, St. John's, Henry Ford and Detroit Medical Center hospitals.



One of the Best and Highly Ranked USCE in America
Getting FMGs/IMG and Medical Students to the American Healthcare System & Improve scores on USMLE CK, CS, and Step 3. We develop leadership, opportunity to publish articles, attend confrences and become more confident. This rotation also applies to US citizens and permanent residents graduated from Caribbean schools.  Lately we have been having many applicant from St. Georges, AUC, Ross, Windsor, Saba and many others who did not match.
Residency programs/Program directors
 prefer at least 3 hands-on externships, regardless of the specialty you apply .  Most of our applicants are interested in Internal Medicine and/or Family medicine, some pediatrics and psychiatry and other specialty.  Over 50% have not had a successful match.
We are in Troy and Sterling Heights Michigan, one of the safest and the most beautiful cities in America.  Troy has one of the highest number of Indian and Asian communities in America because of the world headquarter Auto companies (GM, Ford and Chrysler) and also because Troy has one the best schools in the country.

American externship will offer you an opportunity to become more confident, develop leadership skills as the chief extern and improve your medical knowledge. You also get  opportunities to publish articles and review textbook chapters.
2016 and also 2017 match data: As many as 50% of our past externs have matched

Hello Dr Jaddou,
My friend and I are interested to take an externship in your program. 
Unfortunately,we were unaware of the importance of the USCE and after research, we decided that the best option is your program (in all aspects). We understand the information on your website.....this will help us to understand better the American Healthcare system and also will boost our chances to apply and get a residency in this match,2017.
Text from former extern just received 8/31/17 Hi Dr Jaddou. This is ...... I just wanted to share with you that I got a family medicine resident position with DMC family medicine... Post graduation of my MPH. Iam super thrilled this opportunity has finally come. Just wanted to thank you for all your guidance and support and for allowing me to build my confidence as a aspiring physician
You made us feel like a Family
Dear Dr. Jaddou,
I hope you and your wife are doing good. I am finishing my externship with medclerkships in NY this week and I have to say you made us feel like family when we were in Michigan. That is something NY was lacking. I have your externship highly recommended and hope you see a student very soon who says ------- sent us. Thank you for the conference, it was a new and different experience. Will keep you posted on how my application season is going.
I matched! 

Hi Dr. Jaddou,      
 I just found out that I matched at my #1 choice,……. University.  I am so grateful to all who helped me along the way, especially you!  Overall, I had 19 interview offers and attended 18.  I made  sure to make the experience in your office one of my main talking points.  Please share the news with Sandy!  I hope you are both well!   Sincerely,
Hello Dr. Jaddou,(March 2016)
I believe you may still remember me,.... the Egyptian graduate.
I did match this match season at S..... Family Medicine Residency program.  Thank you so much for the opportunity you gave to me and all others, it was really helpful during my interviews, I was able to express myself as a real practicing physician, not just as a graduate from a medical school. May God bless your work,

Outpatient Somerset Family Medicine rotation 
with Dr. Neil Jaddouin Michigan
One LOR, one preceptor.
LOR has university and 4 hospital logos because Dr. Jaddou has professorship appointment to 2 medical schools and is a staff at 4 hospitals: Henry Ford, DMC, Beaumont and St. John hospitals 
Did not Match:
..... I am looking for opportunities to boost my resume for the residency match. I applied for the 2017 match, but unfortunately did not match this year. I am really hoping that your externship will help boost my resume for the 2018 match.....

...... I have successfully cleared my USMLE STEP 1, 2 and 3 exams. However, I was unable to match this year 2017 likely due to lack of clinical experience, therefore i would like to do externship at your office, I live in Texas........
Gone Unmatched!
I am a Caribbean medical graduate - earned my MD from St. Georges had applied to Internal Medicine and remained unmatched , seemingly due to average scores on USMLE. My mentors, program directors, forums and my family and friends have suggested to me to find some sort of clinical externship in Family Medicine that I could do before the next round of residency applications where I would also apply to Family Medicine in addition to Internal Medicine.  I came across your website searching on the web and also from the excellent reviews on most of the USMLE forums……..

I Did Not Match!
"After going unmatched, I looked at my CV and decided that I needed to upgrade it with some recent clinical type experience and new LOR. Looking at the paid externship programs, Americlerkships, Medclerkships, FMG portal, Dr. Jaddou's American Externship: Somerset Family Medicine, I chose Somerset program simply because I recognized one of his externs on the website from one of my interviews. So I took a chance. I'm happy with my experience at Somerset Family Medicine,.  If you need USCE then take a chance on something and go get it."
Dear Dr. Jaddou,
"I am currently trying to find US clinical experience
office, but the other paid externships are not that clear cut in what they offer plus they require way too many documents. Your program looks more transparent and genuine compared to others" 
Greeting from Chicago,
Hello boss, just wanted to update you on how things are going and also say that I miss my observership at your clinic. There are so many students at this clinic and I've been telling them about your externship. Hopefully some of them actually go and get some awesome experience. 

I have matched! 
Good morning Dr. Jaddou, 
I hope this message finds you well. I just want to let you know that I matched at ...It was my first choice.

According to The IMG’s Guide to Finding U.S. Clinical Experience JUNE 1, 2016 KAPLAN TEST PREP
"2. Go the direct route with direct placement clinics"
Other comments from the forums:
USCE is not an absolute requirement for residency, although it markedly increases your chances. However, good scores alone aren't enough.  Your scores are impressive but don't be fooled into thinking the higher the score it compensates for something. Complete your research project, publish something, get some USCE and you should be competitive enough. Why hamper these awesome, stellar scores with lack of USCE?

Dear Dr. Jaddou,

I didn't match to a pathology position during the main match but I was accepted to one during SOAP! I really believe your LOR helped them a lot in their decision (they even discussed it during the phone interview). Thank you so much for all the help.
Hello Somerset
I am happy to write to you that I am invited to an interview at .....I am exited and nervous at the same time. I just would like to thank you once again as I strongly believe I was invited because of your externship. 
Hi Doc, 
I received my first interview invitation this morning. Guess where? ...... I am so excited!!!! Thank you again for the LOR.  
Our American Externship program sent our externs to this confrence

Cardiology lecture in the world fameous DIA: Detroit Institute of Art

A Wonderful Doctor & a Friend

“Very busy, interesting and productive 6 weeks-that is how I can describe my experience in Somerset Family Medicine clinic. Dr. Jaddou is highly experienced as a family physician. His experience and his love to teach makes for a great environment for an externship. His enthusiastic approach to his patients and his profession is a great example for future physicians. 

" A Very Very Good Experience"
"It is like a real residency program" 
"Somerset Family Medicine gives you a thorough insight into US medical system. SFM staff are kind.  Dr.Neil Jaddou is a man of principles yet balanced and open minded, courteous with patients, tactful with staff and canny in discharging the standard the care. You interact with a couple other externs and nurse practitioners students, it is like a real residency program" 

Alaa Toma, Baghdad, Iraq 
Program Directors Wants You to Be PROFICIENT IN EMR.

"Match and Become a US Doctor"             "This rotation made me feel confident enough to be matched and to become a US doctor." K. Lee, M.D. 2010 extern


"The Best Experience in My Life"
"It turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life . Dr. Jaddou was not only closely observing me, but he was also very keen to teaching."   Remon Assaad, M.D.  Alexandria, Egypt. 

"Working with Dr. Jaddou was a great opportunity for me to do an externship.  It has given me a plenty of medical knowledge. Now I believe I am well prepared for a residency. Thanks a lot Dr. Jaddou."  -Mirna Rizkalla, M.D.  California. 

Dr. Jaddou giving lecture to his externs.  These lecture series are taken from his textbook titled the "Bread and Butter of Family Medicine" Which includes: HTN, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Anitbiotics etc.
Carpe Diem, "Seize the Day", Do not postpone, jump on this opportunity.  Most residency programs requires at least 3 months of externship.
When it comes to residency application, the compition is fierce:

Publishing Articles

"It was an amazing learning experience at Dr. Jaddous's clinic. He is a great teacher, a very kind and considerate physician and a supportive mentor. The rotation made me confident that I can handle residency very well. I really enjoyed my days at the rotation."