Q: Why is your externship more affordable than other companies?
 A:Because you deal directly with us. Plus you get a clear idea about the office as opposed to other companies where you are randomly placed and you have minimal information about the office you are placed. 

Q: If I am interested in other specialties other than Family Medicine, such as Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Pathology or any other field, will I be able to do rotation with you to learn about the American Health System and get LOR?
A:Yes, about 90% of our program graduates apply to different fields other than or in addition to family medicine.  Based on our data, about 40% get accepted into residency either Internal Medicine or Family Medicine.

Q:How early do i apply to your program?
A: The earlier the better, because spots may get filled fast. Also, if you apply earlier than a month there is a late fee of $300. So apply at least 4 weeks in advance to avoid a late fee.
Q: Will I need transportation to get to your offices?
 A:  It is ok if you do not want to drive. You can use private transportation mentioned in our transportation section or you can use Uber or Lyft. We will transfer you from office to office during lunch hour. If you like to drive, Either rent a car or bring your own car. Driving is very easy, there are no highways and if you stay at extended stay america we are located about 10-15 minutes away.

 Q: Where will I live?
 AExtended Stay America in Madison Heights Michigan. We have a discount code by mentioning to them Somerset Family Medicine, Sterling Heights address when you check in or when you call them.  Or you are free to live anywhere else you want.  Many students have used airbnb.com (see housing section) or if you are an Indian female or South Korean there are families in the area who will rent for you.
Q: Do you sponsor externs for a work/student visa?
A:No. Also we do not sponsor or write visa acceptance letters to show to the embassy for anyone. Apply to us only if you have a valid visa and you are physically present in USA. You will not be considered if you do not have a visa or live in USA. Do not use our office or our website information in order for you to get a visa. 
Q: Do you go to the hospital?
 A:No, I am only in outpatient settings, going between the Troy and Sterling Heights offices. Half day in each office 6 days a week. However I am a staff at 2 community hospitals and two university hospitals. If you want to check the names they are listed on the homepage.

Q: What will my responsibilities be in the office?
 A After a week or so of shadowing Dr. Jaddou, or other senior externs you will see the patient by yourself or work as a pair with another team member. You will do the initial assessment vitals, EKG, PFT, UA etc. Then you will present the case to Dr. Jaddou.

Q: What are the hours?
A: Exact hours will be determined based on how many students/externs we have. If we have many students then you will have less hours. We do not know have many students we will have because we have open admission.

Q: How many externs do you have each month?
 A:It varies, month to month.  We also may have medical and nurse practitioner students. In general we are very busy June, July and August  
Q: Do you write a letter of recommendation (LOR)?
 A: Yes. If you perform well, you will get a letter of recommendation only after completing your rotation. Bad performance, repeated tardiness and absences, and incomplete rotation will not receive LOR. 
Q: When I go through your externship will I improve my scores on the USMLE?
 A:Yes. We get many externs who take our rotation to just improve on CS with the help of first aid for the board. You are sure to get more confident in USMLE CS exam studying here.
Q:Do I have to pass all of my exams in order to do an externship?
 A:No, USMLE  exams are not required.  Some externs do rotation with us to improve their score on USMLE.
 A weekly visit to the free church clinic

USMLE Forums:
I am an IMG and wanted to increase my chances of getting into Internal Medicine or Family Medicine residency. I have not done any rotations in America. I have asked others who are already in the program. Surprisingly they all recommended that I do some form of hands-on externship in the states. 
At first I contacted few university programs and many don’t have this option and those that do it takes several months to get in. For the past month I have been rotating with Dr. Neil Jaddou, I have to say it has been super rewarding experience. It is truly a hands-on rotation and it seems it mimics the residency. During this month I have attended several evening conferences. 
if you want to know anything about the program feel free to contact me