Tuition/ Adminstration Fee:
Hurry New low price for incomming months
Only $2000 for 4 weeks (or one month) for September to April 
($3000 May-August 2019).  No additional cost or any other hidden fees. Above price paid in advance in full. The price is fair, and it is lower than what the Caribbean schools charges for a course.  For example,  other programs such as Drexel (on AMA website) charges over $7000. Harvard externship/observership courses cost over $9000.
Late Fee: There is a $150 late fee if you start before 2 months.

Greater than one month rotation:Regular price for the first month then 5% off after that.  Must be paid in advance to get a discount. 3rd month you get 10% discount from original price.
Special circumstance: If you must have 2 or 3 weeks instead of 4 or any other schedule adjustment then we can make exception.  Price will stay the same as 4 week. 6 weeks is also available at prorated rate.

The price covers numerous hours of administrative work of reviewing your application, checking on your credentials, and many days of extensive training and teaching on EMR and acquainting you to the American Health System and the field of family medicine.  Also we have to pay close to 40% in state and federal taxes on your payment.

Medical Students: Email us first and we will make a determination.
Pre-med students: Must be in college and at least 18 years of age. Same price as above

Group discount: If 2 people sign up together then we will give you a 5% discount. If 3 people or more then we will give you a 10% discount.

2018 spots are available apply now.  Due to ERAS application Immediate availability.  We can write your LOR ASAP.

 Starting date: You can start any day of the month.  The earlier you apply the better.  

Housing/Transportation: See housing/transportation section. Above price does not include housing or transportation. 

5 initial Simple Steps Application Process: No Application Fee

Email us the following to      info@drjaddou.com  

1- Indicate that you understand the information on our website 

2- Indicate your visa and if you currently physically present in USA.

3- CV

4- Current picture for indentification (any size), you can take a selfie if you have to.

5- Your diploma

6- Hepatitis B immunization

5- Exact date you desire

After we get the above information, if you pass the initial screening, then we will ask you if you have further question and if you are ready to proceed with the contract/orientation and how to send a payment.

Request to call you: If you prefer, you can request from us to call you before you submit the above. Dr. Jaddou or one of our current extern may call you back. When we speak to you, we do not negotiate price. So please do not ask us about the price of rotation, waiving the late fee or discount etc. 

 Email the above answers to the above to: info@drjaddou.com

Step 2 Contract/Orientation: 
If you are accepted, contract/orientation will be e-mailed to you and will instruct you on how to pay for it.  Payment needs to be received within 7 days.

Step 3, Payment
Full payment will need to be sent in advance after you sign the contract and orientation. We will accept payment via secured Paypal or Paypal credit card (there will be a $150 fee when you pay by paypal because paypal charges this fee). However there will be no fee if you pay by personal check from American Banks, money order or Cashier's check. Foreign banks check or money wiring will not be accepted.

Going to a medical staff meeting

Going to a day conference!